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Brazil Appeal Waxing

Specializing in virtually painless Brazilian waxing.

7710 Balboa Ave.

Suite 218-A (2nd Floor)

San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 663-6101

[email protected]


Who doesn't like to save money?  At Brazil Appeal Waxing we want to recognize and reward those in the community who are working hard to make this world a better place especially in this time of a worldwide pandemic.

Thank you all for what you do. 

Brazil Appeal Waxing™ appreciates the dedicated service and sacrifices that our American military men & women provide in which to keep our country safe.

In an effort to support our military families Brazil Appeal Waxing™ will offer active duty military and their spouses 10% OFF all services. Just show your military I.D. when checking out so that we can apply your savings. Please note that our military discount is only for services and not retail products.

Students now save 10% off all services!!!

Brazil Appeal Waxing supports continuing education for all ages and is announcing a 10% savings on all services for students currently in school with student I.D.

We love your referrals so if you're referred to Brazil Appeal Waxing by an existing client, you'll receive $10.00 OFF for trying us out plus an additional $10.00 OFF for being a 1st time client plus any additional discounts on this page which apply.  Unlike other businesses we let the client use all their discounts at the same visit because they've earned them.  Oh, and that client who referred you?  They receive $10.00 OFF their next visit!  It's a win / win!  

Brazil Appeal Waxing recognizes the dedication of medical professionals in this Covid-19 environment so we're offering 10% off services for all front line medical ​professionals who have direct patient care this also includes any employee who works at a hospital or medical clinic.   

Firefighters have one of the most dangerous occupations in the world and that was pre-Covid-19.  EMT's who wo​rk closely with firefighters are also facing additional challenges as they're treating Covid-19 patients every day.  We want to show our appreciation so we're offering 10% off for firefighters and EMT's. 

The courageous men & women at police departments across the country risk their lives every day to make our streets safer especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.  We want to support the brave men & women in blue by offering 10% off all services. 

School teachers play one of the most important and influential roles in the lives of students.  For their dedication, we want to honor them by offering 10% off all services.  Any employees who work at a school will also receive this discount.

School bus drivers and all bus drivers are an essential par​t of daily life in America as they safely transfer our children to and from school as well as getting us to our destination locally or long distance.  In this pandemic, their job requires them to be more exposed to larger groups of people on a daily basis compared to other occupations so we want to honor them by offering 10% off all services.